Manage cloud storage with Minio server

Minio is a AWS S3 compatible opensource cloud storage server licensed under apache2 and developed on Go programming language.


It comes with Console and Go, JavaScript, Python , Java, .Net client libraries, 3rd party developed Rest API.

If you want to install the server in Linux 64bit system.

$ wget
$ chmod +x minio
$ ./minio server /var/www/html/

And you are done.
Here is installation command for other OS

Note : /var/www/html is the directory where all files will be saved.

After installation you will get URL of dashboard (http://host-address:9000), Access Key and Secrete Key to get access in web based dashboard.

If you want to expose the files publicly just install Nginx and by default Nginx serves data from /var/www/html.

Note : minio-server uses bucket to store files. Bucket itself is a directory within the root directory.

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